6 Sunglass Brands with Style & Purpose

6 Sunglass Brands with Style & Purpose

Summer is here!  It's time for hazy weather, lounging by the pool, BBQs, and outdoor activities.  But nothing says summer better than a fresh pair of sunglasses! 

Lately, I've notice an awesome trend in some retail businesses.  Not only do they provide products and services that customers need but also give back to the environment or community.  Makers of sunglasses are no exception.  If you're in the market for some cool shades, these companies offer fashionable, innovative products while incorporating philanthropy and sustainability into their business model. 


Woodzee definitely meets this criteria of style and sustainability.  They offer a variety of sunglass shapes while using unexpected materials.  This pair of sunglasses is made from repurposed skateboards!  

The company also has a recycling program where you can send in your old Woodzee sunglasses and receive a new pair at a discount.

The Fourth Gentlemen

I first learned about this company through the Conscious Chatter with Kestral Jenkins podcast.  Sustainably sourced bamboo is the main material for their sunglasses.  Because of their dedication to the environment, The Fourth Gentlemen will plant two trees for every pair of sunglasses sold. 

By the way, don't be fooled by the name, The Fourth Gentlemen does offer products for women!

Solo Eyewear

Showcasing a nice selection of sunglasses constructed from either repurposed bamboo or recycled plastic, Solo donates a portion of its profits to provide much needed eye care to individuals in North America, Africa, Asia and South America.

Zeal Optics

Zeal Optics uses plant-based materials and other technologies to produce sunglasses resilient enough for the outdoors.  It is remarkable the wide variety of charitable programs that Zeal supports to help the environment and community.

Article One Eyeware

Article One presents their Flint Collection where 100% of the profits from purchases go to FlintKids.org, an organization helping children from Flint Michigan affected by the highly publicized water crisis of 2014.

Woody Glass

Using natural and sustainable materials, Woody Glass offers bamboo and wood sunglasses.  Clearly passionate about sustainable agriculture and forestry, a portion of every purchase goes back to help the environment.

There you have it!  The innovation, the passion and the generosity of all these companies are very impressive. Not to mention, these shades are super stylish!

Did I miss a company? Let me know in the comments!

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