4 Organizations That Can Engage Kids To Be Green

4 Organizations That Can Engage Kids To Be Green

When my sister and I started this blog, we had just learned the hard truth about fast fashion and the food industry.  I suppose it shouldn't have been too much of a surprise since sweat shops and slaughter houses are common knowledge. But when we took a closer look behind the scenes, it changed everything.  Now it's hard to turn my back on the reality of how every action we make, every dollar we spend, every company we support impacts all of us on a global scale.  Our actions may keep poverty alive or accelerate global warming. They may negatively effect our bodies, our health or cause harm to farm animals and wildlife.  

How can we change that?

I thought raising awareness would help.  But I've come to learn that some people are perfectly aware, but it doesn't concern them.  Out of sight, out of mind I suppose.  They either can't see the bigger picture or they're too set in their ways and wrapped up in their own comfortable world to care.  C'est la vie.

Perhaps it's better to focus on the youth and be a positive influence to future generations. We shape the world in the values and lessons we teach our kids.  So in this post I'm sharing a few organizations that can help be a positive influence for children.


Kids for Positive Change

I first discovered Kids of Positive Change at the 6th Annual Going Green Festival in NYC.  Camille Licate was speaking about saving sharks and sea turtles.

The primary focus of this organization is to teach, inspire and help children in reaching their future dreams for the world. They offer programs to learn about issues such as endangered orangutangs or elephants. Then they select the platforms to voice out their opinions, implement solutions and share their own ideas towards achieving positive change for the environment.

Programs are offered to schools as a classroom visit, a year long program consisting of monthly visits, or an auditorium special event.  

Coalition for Healthy School Food

This non-profit introduces plant based meals and nutrition education to schools in New York.  

I came across the booth for the Coalition for Healthy School Food at the Going Green Festival as well.  They work with schools to provide plant based meals at least once a week.  I love this!  Meanwhile P.S. 244 in Queens is the first all vegetarian school in the country. I hope they can expand to serve schools nationwide.

Every Kid in the Park

A government program targeted to fourth graders, Every Kid in the Park provides passes granting free admission to participating parks, historical sites, or wildlife refuge.  You can plan a fun, educational trip for the family across the country or in your home state.  Check it out!


In an effort to develop the next generation of environmental stewards, this organization works with local & national forests, communities or even sports organizations toward achieving a beautiful and sustainable environment. Kids4Trees is striving to connect children (ages 6-12) to wildlife and nature. They provide free environmental education and teaches kids to plant trees.

This Californian non-profit is currently organizing a One Million Dollar Drive, to expand their free elementary school programs nationwide!  Click here if you'd like to donate.

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