Non-Guilty Pleasures: Fair Trade Chocolate

Non-Guilty Pleasures: Fair Trade Chocolate

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If there is one thing that I can't say no to, it's chocolate.  I definitely have a sweet tooth. However, what puts a bad taste in my mouth (pun intended) is how some of this chocolate is made. Here is a website called Make Chocolate Fair which highlights some of the issues with farming cocoa. Also, after watching this YouTube video and as a mother of a son, it's heartbreaking for me to think that young children are taken from their families and exposed to this type of work and life.

Fortunately for chocolate lovers like me, there are companies trying to do something about this. Here is a list of some brands that are committed to fair trade meaning that farming practices, manufacturing processes and suppliers are ethical and sustainable.  That's something you can feel good about!

Endangered Species

If you like your chocolate bitter and dark, this 88% cocoa bar is for you.  Dubbing themselves as the "Snack the Gives Back", Endangered Species donates 10% of net profits to support various wildlife and rainforest conservation organizations.

You can purchase a variety pack of Endangered Species chocolate here.

Fair Trade | Gluten Free | Non-GMO | Vegan


As a child, I always loved the chocolate and peanut butter combination.  As my tastes matured as an adult, I prefer dark chocolate and almond butter much better!  These cups were made by Theo, a chocolate company dedicated to fair treatment, transparency and environmentally sustainable processes throughout the supply chain.  

You can buy Theo's dark chocolate and almond butter cups here.

Fair Trade | Organic | Non-GMO 

Green & Black's


Green & Black uses ethically sourced chocolate through a cocoa sustainability program called Cocoa Life.  I found this 70% cacao bar at my local grocery store and munched on it during my breaks at work.  So delicious!

You can purchase a variety pack of Green & Black's chocolate here.

Fair Trade | Organic (some flavors)


Divine has an interesting business structure. The farmers of Kuapa Kokoo, a co-operative in Ghana, not only supply the cocoa but also are co-owners which means that they share profits and have a voice in the company.  

Divine's 70% Dark Chocolate bar is my favorite.  I love the flavor and its smooth, creamy texture.  

You can get a 10-pack of the 70% dark chocolate here but feel free to check out their other flavors.


Tell us your favorite fair trade chocolate brand. Bon appétit!

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